Celebrating 8th anniversary of MAD

That's right people, as the title says, today we are celebrating 8 years of MAD, exciting, isn't it? Now, I'll give you a minute to grab a drink, some snacks and lay down, because this thread will steal a lot of your precious time, I'll wait. Ready? Alright. How everything started. Back in 2010, a Canadian guy named BlackBerry, created MAD, along with another person, from the USA, known as TheChosen. It all started as a small project, within DDC/FOTL. The two of them, also decided to recruit another American dude, also known as GD|goon, and then everything started. Originally, the clan was named as Mongol Auto Driver, and was founded by BlackBerry, but some time later, it was changed by @Maka to Mafioso Auto Drivers, which is the current abbreviation. Early times of MAD were quite dead, as the activity of the clan was pretty much unseen to the public. Some time later, BlackBerry decided to change that, and recruit a guy, known as Henry, promoting him right after to co-leader. As Henry was a good friend of Maka, he decided to offer him an opportunity to join MAD, and help them grow. As the inactivity took place in the clan, such as not having a logo,no representative topics, no system or members, Maka decided to fill those gaps, since it was worth spending some time on it. After some hard work, MAD became one of the best places to be as a player of this game. As the main founder, BlackBerry noticed those changes, he decided to set Maka to leader, along Henry, as he saw that he is pretty dedicated. Skill wise, it got better, compared to the early years of MAD. At some point, MAD's power grew even more, when Henry had the great idea, to invite a Swedish guy, also known as kNASKRIPPA. As he was pretty dedicated, as the other leaders, he got later on promoted to leader by Maka and Henry. kNASKRIPPA's leadership, brought MAD lots of quality members, such as Hitsugaya. Hitsugaya used to be one of the most workaholic member, as he made MAD's OS squad even better with his skills. After his great work, the main leaders, decided to promote him to leader as well, as they thought that he deserves it. Some time later, MAD had a core, consisting of Henry, Maka, KNASKRIPPA and Hitsugaya. This core, made MAD even more popular and powerful. More and more great individuals were becoming a part of MAD, even until this day, after couple of years, are still by our side. Later on, Hitsugaya decided to invite a German guy, only known to us as Virtuos, who also took part of our leadership. At some point, Hitsugaya decided to invite another person, this time a female, going by the name of ChaosJoy, who's still a part of our great clan. Talking about the early years, only brings us to good memories, such as Kamen's intro into the clan, as with this person, MAD blew up, becoming one of the greatest clans this game ever had. Now as I'm still new to this family, let's say I'm the newborn, I haven't lived what other members did in this clan, but I can say that the last month, at least for me, it was one of the best I ever had in my entire career. During those 8 years, MAD have been through a lot of things, ups and downs, hitting straight bottom, and reaching the sky above, but is that what makes a family? I'll answer that for you. HELL YEAH. Maka clearly asked me to be professional, but hey, having fun is also professional ( say that to you next job interview ). Can you even imagine that? 8 years of MAD, I can't even imagine how that must be, MAD ain't even a clan, it's a pure family, having each others back, helping each other and be by their side 24/7, must sound cool huh? Trust me, it is. Why am I writing such stuff? Simple, it's a special occasion, that's why. Keeping a clan for so long, can only be a great achievement. I can proudly say, that we are one of the oldest clans in the world of Multi Theft Auto, that are still trying to reach the top. In the last couple of months, we showed everybody, that we are still having the power to keep it going, by being active in multiple organized tournaments, having active members in many servers, showing everyone the power of MAD. Oh yeah, talking about tournaments, let's get to the results. Can't lie, it's been rough for us, since we lost couple of members that helped us a lot winning, but hey, winning is not always the most important thing, is it? Now, let's get to it, drums please.

We participated in L7 and L7 OS this month, and I can't lie, it was tough, but we gave our best, but with dedication, and a lot of training, I'm sure we'll do much better. First, we'll talk about our DOS games. On the first game, we faced a clan only known as The Crew Gaming. Unfortunately, the score ended 638 - 563 on their favor, but at least we managed to keep a tight score, isn't that great? I'm pretty sure that on our next game versus them, we'll perform much better, and hopefully, we'll win.. On our second game, we faced Iron Will. Ow trust me, this one was intense as hell. Even from the beginning, we managed to take a huge lead, and make sure that we do great, and hopefully win. We'll, we hoped, and we achieved. The score ended 638 - 731 on our favor, but hey, this is no place to talk bad on our opponents, Iron Will did great the whole game, and gave us intense moments, and gave us a great experience. But in life, sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn ( great moto huh? ). Moving on, on our L7 OS game, versus FFS Gaming we tried our best, to keep a tight score, but we can't have everything we want in life, can we? Okay except if you got tons of cash, or win the lotto, or be lucky. What was I saying? Oh yeah, L7 OS!! On our match, the score ended 88 - 52 for FFS. To be honest with you, it was expected, as at some point, we totally lost focus and concentration, furthermore, we didn't perform as good as we wanted. Moooving on again, tours 24 - 26. Oh boy, if that wasn't a rough time for us, but also a great lesson. On our first match, we faced again Iron Will. This time, we didn't manage to win, as the score ended 66 - 74 for them, but hey, sometimes life kicks you, in order to wake up. Did we? We did not, jokes on you life. On our second match, oh boy, we faced our Brazilian friends, only known as Force Out Xtreme. It was indeed rough ( again ) for us, but we tried not losing focus, but what can I say? Apparently they were more prepared than us, trained more, and desired the win more than us, as the result was 42 - 98 on their favor. Last but not least, tour 26. One of our worst, as we faced one of the most powerful clans out there, only known as Seventh Miracle. One of our worst games, as we lost 100 - 40. Nothing much I can say about it, except that we should train more. Also, I would like to thank @Canky and @Xanny for their great work on managing our squads, keep it up boys, I'm proud of you, but let me play too.

Now, let's get to the promotions. In the past months, we accepted some good members, that helped us a lot in our games, so they totally deserve a promotion. Without further introduction, here they are.

[MAD]Marchew - Promoted to member
[MAD]Frank - Promoted to member

[MAD]Relax - Promoted to member
[MAD]VanillaSky - Promoted to member
[MAD]Chaos - Promoted to member

Now of course, we got some new trials as well, who hopefully will stay by our side, and help us out in order to grow even more.


Now, for our outro, I would like to thank everyone who stood by our side all this time, and helped us during everything. Also, I would like to thank our fathers, for keeping it together all these years, and brought MAD where it is right now. Long live MAD. Thank you for reading all that, and actually wasted some of your time on it. See you next time, with even more news.
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It's been almost 3 months since I joined. Comparing to 8 years of history its literally nothing, but i feel myself like i was implicated for whole years to this great family. Happy Birthday to us.
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